Commercial Vehicle Sales in December 2020


VECV Reports 3% Decline in Sales                                                 

Volvo Eicher Commercial Vehicles registered a 3% decline in unit sales from 5,042 to 4,892 as per a company statement. Eicher brand unit sales slipped 4.5% to 4687 when compared to 4910 in Dec'19. Further bifurcation shows that Eicher Trucks and Buses registered a 7.7% drop in domestic market while a solid 23.6% growth was witnessed in the export market. 


Ashok Leyland Sales Jump 14%

Commercial Vehicle Manufacturer Ashok Leyland registered a 14% increase in unit sales to 12,762 in Dec’20 in comparison to Dec’19 where it stood at 11,168 units. Domestic sales of Ashok Leyland's Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) were up by 42 percent at 5,682 units compared to 4,009 units last year same month. Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicles (M&HCV) of Ashok Leyland Trucks witnessed a 3% unit sales decline from 6,369 in Dec’19 to 6,175 in Dec’20.  

The jump had an immediate impact on Ashok Leyland's stock price at it gained close to 4%.  

On a cumulative basis, the Domestic Sales & Exports across Ashok Leyland's LCV and M&HCV categories saw a major drop of 43% to 56,657 from 99,749 last year same month due to the ongoing pandemic and restricted consumer spending.