Concept of Commercial Vehicle Weight


Have you ever been through words like ULW , Payload , GVW , GCW, and not been able to understand the actual indication of these words ? Let’s have a thorough overview of some commercial vehicle weight concept which will help you to choose you commercial vehicle accordingly.

  1. What is ULW – Unladen Weight ?



ULW represents Unladen weight , that means the weight of vehicle when it is not carrying any goods or passengers in it .

ULW includes

  • Chassis weight
  • Cabin weight and load body / Trailer weight
  • Weight of 90 % capacity of tank filled with diesel and all the consumable oils such as gear oil , engine oil etc.
  • It includes the weight of crew members .

ULW can also be called as Kerb weight .

Mathematically ,

ULW = GVW(Gross Vehicle Weight ) – Payload

Importance of ULW – Unladen Weight

  • If ULW  is higher , payload of the vehicle will be lower which will cause in less revenue generation.
  • If the ULW is lesser , Payload will automatically increase and return will increase the revenue .

Have a look at high payload vehicle having lesser ULW


  1. What is Payload ?

Payload is the load which can be carried by a vehicle (legally ), In simple words it tells us the weight of goods which can be transported by that specific vehicle .

It is also known as Rated Load.