What are The Benefits of FASTag for Indians

Here in India, waiting time at road toll plazas is very high, and it takes a lot of time for you all to get pass through it. So, to make the thing right for you all, FASTag is now being introduced. The project comes under the NETC or National Electronic Toll Collection program. In this program, all the cars will be getting fit with the Radio Frequency Identification or RFID so that you will be paying the money in the toll booths without stopping the vehicle. For that, you need to link the account to the bank account, and the toll price will automatically get deducted from there. But as it is a new thing and many people don’t understand how the FASTag is working, here you can get to know about it in detail. These tags are fitted in your vehicle, and then from that, your toll fees will be paid.

How The FASTag Works?

1. When you are going anywhere, and your vehicle passes the toll booth, you need to pay money. But earlier, you had to pay money by stopping the car, but with FASTag the toll plaza will capture the id and other things present in that for fees.

2. After the tag is detected by toll, the bank will request NETC and will ask to validate the tag details for taking money.

3. When the tag is validated, then the NETC mapper will give all the details like VRN, class of vehicle, and status as well.

4. As it is done, it will ensure that it will be hosting the appropriate toll fare and will initiate the debit request as well to the NETC system.

5. Then the system will be going to switch the request so that it can debit the money from the bank and will take the respective toll taxes.

6. After that, the issuer, who is linked with the tag account, will be sending the message to the customer. Apart from that, it will, too, send messages to the NETC system.

7. Then the NETC system will give the response to the NETC system, and the acquirer will be hosting the toll plaza system about it.

These are the steps by which FASTag will be working when you will fit the tag on your vehicle’s windscreen.

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Advantages of Having FASTag

If you are planning to go to the FASTag, then you can see that it has got many benefits for you. Some of the benefits are.

1. It will help to reduce the waiting time.

2. No need to make new lanes to minimize the traffic at toll booths.

3. It will minimize the emission that occurs due to the stop-start traffic at toll plazas & hence the pollution

4. It helps in saving fuel.

5. It will help in reducing congestion.

6. It Can collect the vehicle data and other information in a proper manner.

7. No need to carry cash (change) every time.

8. Help in enhancing the audit control with the help of user accounts.

So, these are the top benefits that you will get when you are using FASTag.

How to Get IT?

With the laws are coming now for the tags and it is now getting compulsory for all the vehicles to have the FASTag. For all these things, now many many people are wondering about where to get the tags.

Well, there are many banks like HDFC, Axis Bank, and other ones where you can apply for the FASTag. When you are going to pay the taxes, you can pay from the account of FASTag. But you need to make sure that there is a sufficient amount when your vehicle passes through the toll booths. For that, you can check and can recharge the account by UPI, Debit card or Net Banking too. It is effortless and easy to adapt to systems for you all.

With all these things, it shows how important it is to have the FASTag for your vehicles. When you are going for it, make sure that you give all the personal details correctly so that no further issue will arise in the future. So, visit the bank and apply for it now, and you will get the tag for the vehicle within 15 days.