Tata Ace Mini Truck & Its Variants

Tata Ace mini truck commonly referred to as ""Chhota Hathi"", is a mini truck that revolutionized the small commercial vehicles market in terms of last-mile delivery. Being a 4-wheeler mini truck, it met the aspirations of millions of 3-wheeler owners and upgraded a lot of them to this new segment.

Tata Ace has the firmness to be used in different applications and can be also transformed into mobile retail outlets, hoarding vans, water tankers, and many other innovative uses. There is a range of Tata Ace variants that are technically sound and sturdy enough to pass through rough terrains carrying heavy loads.

All variants of Tata Ace Mini Trucks with details

A complete range of Tata ace mini truck is introduced with various payload capacities and features. Here are all Tata Ace variants with diesel as a fuel option, starting with the smallest of them:

Tata Ace Zip

It is the smallest micro truck in the market. Tata Ace Zip offers a 600 Kg of modest payload, to be carried over a 5.5 ft long cargo box. Powered by a 611 cc single-cylinder naturally aspirated engine, it produces a 12.5 HP of max power. Tata Ace Zip is ideal for the last-mile delivery of small goods in the narrowest of lanes.

Tata Ace Zip XL

Tata Ace Zip XL features a 15% longer load body (6.3 ft) than Ace zip mini truck. The payload capacity of Ace Zip XL is 600 kg. It is suitable for zipping through narrow urban roads and heavy traffic. Tata Ace Zip XL price is Rs. 3.34 lakh (ex-showroom) in the prevailing commercial vehicle markets.

Tata Ace HT

A 16 HP 702 cc engine powers the standard Ace HT. The payload capacity of the Tata Ace HT mini truck is 710 kg which is more than Ace Zip and Ace Zip XL. It is suitable for rural areas for transporting goods over short distances. Tata Ace HT price is pegged at Rs.3.75 lakh (Ex-showroom).

Tata Ace XL

Ace XL is a step above the Ace HT, with the same 702cc engine and payload capacity of 710 kg. But Tata Ace XL has an 8 ft long cargo body, 15% longer compared to the standard Tata Ace. It is suitable for local markets and rural areas. Tata Ace XL price has been kept at Rs. 4.5 lakhs (ex-showroom).

Tata Ace Gold

The original Chota Hathi is back in the form of Tata Ace Gold. It features a 16HP, 702 cc engine, and has a payload capacity of 710 kg backed by a driveline warranty of 2 years. It comes with the historical looks like round headlamps and much more. The ex-showroom price of Tata Ace is Rs. 3.75 lakh.

Tata Ace Mega

Tata Ace Mega features the 4th generation DICOR engine and provides a superpower of 40HP. It also offers a higher payload capacity of a solid 1 tonne. It is an ideal compact mini-truck for fast speeds and solid durability. The ex-showroom price of Tata Ace Mega is 4.35 lakh.

Tata Ace Mega XL

Tata Ace Mega XL features a longer body length of 8.2 feet and the same payload capacity of 1000kg as in Ace Mega. Technical specifications of this Tata mini truck remain the same as standard Tata Ace Mega except for load body length. It is suitable for all road types and perfect for transporting heavy loads like metals, furniture, piping over a long distance, etc. The recent ex-showroom price of Tata Ace Mega XL stands at Rs. 5.34 lakh.

Tata Super Ace Mint

Tata Super Ace Mint is a last-mile cargo mini-truck with a load body length of 8.6 feet and a payload capacity of 1000 kgs (1 tonne). Powered by a 1396 cc engine, it offers a class-leading 70 HP of maximum power and 140 Nm of max torque. It also offers a top speed of 80 km/ph for faster turnaround times. The front independent suspension offers a comfortable ride as well. It is highly suitable for both express transportation and for conversion into a food truck model. Super Ace Mint has been priced at Rs. 5.8 lakh.

Tata Ace Mini Trucks Price List

ModelPowerPayloadBody LengthPrice
Ace Zip XL12.5 HP600 Kg6.3 ftRs 3,37,537
Ace Gold16 HP710 Kg7.2 ftRs 3,98,340
Ace HT16 HP710 Kg7.2 ftRs 4,26,036
Ace XL16 HP710 Kg8.2 ftRs 4,59,569
Ace Mega XL40 HP1000 Kg8.2 ftRs 5,34,380
Super Ace Mint70 HP1000 Kg8.6 ftRs 5,81,880
Ace CNG21 HP625 Kg 7.2 ft Rs 4,97,140
Ace CNG XL21 HP625 Kg 8.2 ftRs 5,29,562


Tata Ace CNG is equipped with features such as a user friendly CNG level indicator, non-wasted spark ignition which combines to increase its fuel efficiency leading to greater savings. Its maximum engine output is 15.5 Kw (21 HP) @ 3400 r/min and features body length of 12 feet. Tata Ace CNG price starts at Rs 4.97 Lakhs (ex-showroom).


Tata Ace Zip CNG is loaded with features like a touring range of 220 km aided with a best in class mileage of 36 km/kg (ARAI certified). It has the lowest operating cost in its segment. Its engine capacity of 611 cc delivers a maximum power output of 14 HP @ 3000 rpm.


The Tata Ace XL CNG mini truck comes with a 15% longer load body compared to the Tata Ace CNG. It is designed for roughest road and extreme conditions. It has got an engine capacity of 702 cc with maximum output of 21 HP @ 3400 r/min. It features a  body length of 8.2 feet. Tata Ace CNG XL price starts at Rs 5.30 Lakhs (ex-showroom).