Tata Ace Gold – New Tata Mini Truck launched

Tata motors, the market leader in Commercial Vehicles in India, recently launched Tata Ace Gold, the original chota hathi. With the original legacy look, beautiful & yet simple, Tata Ace Gold is all set to take the legacy of Tata mini-trucks, commonly referred to as chota hathi & initially launched in 2005, to a new level. The new Tata Ace Gold has been introduced at an ex-showroom price of 3.75 Lakhs to take on competition in mini trucks market from all sides, especially the latest entry of Mahindra Jeeto mini truck. The company announcement was followed by Pan India launches of this new Tata mini truck at all major hubs. Ace Ace Gold
This is how the new Ace Ace Gold is promoted
Key Highlights of Tata Ace Gold With a max power of 16 HP, Tata Ace Gold offers a payload capacity of 710 Kg. This new Tata mini truck has a load body length of 7.2 ft, comes with a standard warranty of 2 years / 72000 Km and a service interval of 10,000 km. Engine & Performance parameters of Tata Ace Gold The new Tata Ace Gold is fitted with a 2 cylinder 702 cc naturally aspirated, indirect injecton engine. This is mated to a 4 speed gearbox, offering a max torque of 39 Nm and a gradeability of 22%. This new Tata mini truck runs on diesel and comes equipped with a 30 Litre fuel tank. Excellent mileage that Tata mini truck series is known for, ensures that you can run miles and miles together, before you run out of fuel. Body & Design Structure of Tata Ace Gold The new Tata Ace Gold has got a comfortable cabin with utilitarian dashboard. Fixed side deck load body has a length of 7.2 ft and is 4.9 ft wide. Front rigid axle with parabolic leaf spring in this new Tata mini truck ensures that the owner doesn’t need to go for frequent wheel alignment and therefore leading to lesser maintenance cost. Tata Ace Gold Tata Ace Gold Tata Ace Gold is fitted with 12 inch tyres, placed apart at a wheelbase of 2100 mm, which provides an excellent turning circle radius 4.3 m and 150 mm ground clearance. The small wheelbase and low turning circle ensures that you can easily maneuver all kinds of narrow roads and tightest of turns for quick last mile delivery. Features, Comfort & Safety aspects in Tata Ace Gold Looking at the kind of target customers that this new Tata mini truck is aimed at, focus has been more on utility features and not on luxury. Considering the vehicle size and loading capacity of this new Tata mini truck, Tata Motors has offered a manual steering (usually customers in this segment do not demand power steering) & individual seats for driver and co-driver. Therefore there is no AC option available, no steering adjustment option, etc. As far as safety is concerned, Tata Ace Gold comes equipped with hydraulic Disc brakes at front and Hydraulic drum brakes at the rear. And cable operated parking brakes acting on rear wheels. Also Read : Tata Intra – The New Tata Mini Truck Apart from this, Tata Ace Gold comes with additional services such as Tata Alert, Tata Delight, Tata Zippy and Tata Kavach which assures the customer for an end-to-end support in case of any unfortunate damage or loss. Small Commercial Vehicles in India Tata Ace is already known in the marketplace for its durable aggregates and lower operating cost. With its price point of 3.75 Lakhs, Tata Ace Gold is going to make prospective buyers of competition Mahindra Jeeto think twice. Mahindra Jeeto Mahindra Jeeto The small commercial vehicles family of Tata Motors already has a couple of babies in the portfolio - Tata Ace HT (the flagship model), Tata Ace XL (the late entrant), Tata Ace Zip, Tata Ace Zip XL, Tata Ace Mega, Tata Ace Mega XL and Tata Super Ace Mint. Tata Ace XL Tata Ace XL Coupled with Tata Motors’ service network, easy spare parts availability, well-equipped road side mechanics and established resale value, Tata Ace Gold is going to take the Chota Hathi brand name to an altogether different level.