Eicher launches 7 speed transmission for medium duty trucks

Eicher Trucks & Buses, a leading manufacturer of Commercial Vehicles in India, has introduced for the first time in India, a 7-speed transmission in their medium duty trucks. Usually the Light and Medium duty trucks in India have a 5 speed transmission or at max a 6 speed transmission with overdrive gear. But this time again, Eicher Trucks have raised the bar by launching this innovative 7 speed gearbox with 7 forward gears & 1 reverse gear. Eicher Truck Pro 3015
Eicher Pro 3015 with 7 speed gearbox
The introduction of this new transmission will be done for Eicher Pro 1000 Series & Pro 3000 Series range in a phased manner. To start with, this new 7 speed gearbox with double OD, will be introduced in Pro 3015 and Pro 1114XP trucks. The 4 cylinder E494 engine powering these trucks will now get mated to a bigger 7 speed transmission, replacing the earlier 6 speed gearbox. Also Read :  Tata Motors launches new Ultra range of Trucks Speaking at the occasion Mr. Vinod Aggarwal, MD & CEO, VE Commercial Vehicles said  "Eicher has always pioneered the use of intelligent technologies in their products in-order to provide best-in-class services to its customer. 7 speed is a revolutionary and advanced feature that will enhance fuel economy, increase pick-up and improve driving experience. Coupled with Volvo Group’s Engine Management system, Mileage Booster+, Fuel coaching and onboard diagnostics, it further strengthens our medium duty range, giving it a competitive edge. Eicher Truck Pro 1114 XP
Eicher Pro 1114 XP
According to company, the new 7 speed transmission is likely to improve drivability as well as fuel economy by enabling to operate at a higher torque range and eliminating the need to repeatedly shift between gears. The new 7 speed transmission technology shall help the driver to reach top gear as early as possible by optimizing the drivability in lower gear and incentivizing performance in higher gears. The 7th overdrive gear will enable the vehicle to run at higher speeds but with lesser engine rpm, thus reducing the overrunning and load on the engine, which in essence shall reflect in fuel efficiency improvement. Eicher Trucks, especially the LMD range is commonly referred to as “Mileage ka Baadshah” for their best in class mileage. The new 7 speed transmission technology is likely to further boost that fuel mileage supremacy commitment. Along with the best in class mileage, the LMD range of Eicher trucks also offers the best in class payload leading to higher productivity and revenues. Eicher leads the market in 14 Ton-15 Ton segment, a GVW node conceptualized by Eicher with its Pro 1114 originally, and later on by introducing Eicher Pro 3015. These medium duty trucks are ideal for transporters using the traditional 16 Ton GVW trucks with 6 cylinder engine, but operating in rated load applications. Not only does it offer equal or higher payload, but the frugal engine also offers much higher mileage leading to better productivity and profitability.