Daimler India opens vaccine centre for truck drivers at Oragadam Plant

Earlier in May this year, Daimler India Commercial Vehicle had announced the opening of a vaccination centre at their production plant in the Oragadam itself. Anyone above 18 was eligible for applying the same through COWIN site. According to the recent numbers, the commercial vehicle company has already vaccinated over 6 thousand employees, supplier staff and third-party contractors at the same site. The numbers took a rise when the company declared vaccination for truck drivers at the same site and 60 drivers were vaccinated on the first day itself.


The vaccination site in the Oragadam plant has been made to avail a decent space for  refreshment and lounge to accommodate a head count of approximated 300 people. The vaccination has been made available to truck drivers all over India, irrespective of their brand, making it more of an act of humanity, above all the competition. The commercial vehicle company has also been said to have conducted multiple online seminars, aka webinars, to spread the awareness about the various daily practices and precautions to tackle the COVID-19 virus.


Displaying the values Bharat Benz community stands for, DICV has also enacted by giving aid to frontline employees with Rs 1 lakh COVID medical insurance, free vaccinations, and gift coupons for technicians. Ambulances and doctors have been kept at standby as well.


Claimed to have initiated 100 odd campaigns during the lockdown, Daimler India CV have worked from head to toe to ensure the safety of its stakeholders and employees during the lockdown. Under one such initiative, named the DICV Support Program for Dependents, the families of the deceased employees are to be offered medical benefits and financial support in form 3 years of ex-gratia salary, and ex-gratia payout of Rs. 10 lakhs or 2 years CTC, whichever is higher. DICV have also come forward in paying the education expenses of the employees’ children (upto two) along with an extension in medical insurance for five years. They have also declared to reimburse the family for the funeral and transportation costs.

Rajaram Krishnamurthy, Vice President Marketing, Sales, and Customer Services, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, said,” DICV is committed to looking after the BharatBenz community; We take care of our customers, partners and employees with practical, effective support. This package has been specifically created for our dealer partners to address the two most critical needs of the hour – financial and medical assistance.”

This campaign has been one amongst the various other such undertakings seen by other commercial vehicle brands such as the Tata Motors, who have provided the government with their trucks and mini trucks to facilitate the transportation for the first phase of COVID-19 vaccination, and the Mahindra Group, who have donated Rs 6 Cr. worth of oxygen cylinders for the purpose of tackling the dire situation of the global pandemic India has landed herself in.