Best Mini Trucks in India 2020- List of Small Commercial Vehicles with Price, Mileage Details

Mini trucks segment is gaining popularity day by day and is certainly coming under the radar of many commercial vehicle manufacturers in India, considering their increasing demand in growing E-Commerce industry, stable 4 wheeled vehicle to fulfill last mile delivery needs & rising demand in rural areas etc. All such factors are making small commercial vehicles (SCV) to become a sought after segment. Some of the best mini trucks in India include Tata Ace mini truck, Tata Ace Mega, Super Ace Mint, Ace Zip, Mahindra Supro, Mahindra Jeeto & new to the market Maruti Suzuki Super Carry.

List of Best Mini Trucks in India 2020

Best mini trucks in India, listed below- Best Mini Trucks in India 2019
Best Mini Trucks in India 2019

Tata Ace Mini Truck

Chota Hathi, an acronym for mini truck in India, made its presence with Tata Ace. It gets powered by a twin cylinder water cooled diesel engine delivering 16 HP of moderate power and 37.5 Nm torque. Cargo box is 2140 mm long and 1430 mm wide to carry a payload of over 700 Kgs. Sleek front design, wide-angle ORVM, digital clock, high class dashboard adds to the beauty of Tata Ace mini trucks. Today, there is a Tata Ace mini truck for all kind of loads and all kind of roads, including Tata Ace XL & Tata Ace Gold (the original Tata Chota Hathi). Tata Ace price in India starts at Rs 3.9 Lakhs onwards (ex-showroom) for Ace Gold and Ace HT price start from Rs 4.11 Lakhs onwards whereas Tata Ace XL has been priced at Rs 4.4 Lakhs. Best in class Tata Ace mileage also makes it lighter on pocket. Tata Ace Mini Truck Tata Ace Mini Truck

Tata Ace Mega Mini Truck

Continuing their success with Ace platform of small commercial vehicles in India, Tata Motors has been consistently reviving their mini trucks portfolio and Tata Ace Mega is one such example. It features a 4th generation DICOR engine producing a mega power of 40 HP and 100 Nm of torque, thereby making the vehicle to achieve a top speed of 80 Kmph. Tata Ace Mega comes with a high payload capacity of 1030 kg to be placed over a 2.14 m long cargo box. It has 5 speed manual transmission with smart calibration to enhance fuel economy. Driver cabin encompasses of centrally mounted driver console with music system provision. Sporty body graphics and flared wheel arches along with bigger 14-inch radial tube tyres make it aesthetically appealing. To cater to voluminous goods application, the company has off late also introduced the bigger sibling Tata Ace Mega XL, with a longer 8.2 ft load body. Tata Ace Mega price in India starts from Rs 4.67 Lakhs onwards (ex-showroom) for the base variant. Tata Ace Mega XL Tata Ace Mega XL

Tata Super Ace Mint Mini Truck

Tata Super Ace Mint, marketed under tagline of “Pick up ki power, kamaal ki mileage” is powered by a powerful 70 HP DICOR engine. This stylish Tata mini truck delivers a class leading 140 Nm of torque with vehicle mileage of 17.9 Kmpl. With cargo body length of 2.6 m and payload of 1000 kg, it is suitable for intercity application and voluminous goods. The front independent suspension offers comfortable rides over long distances. It comes in attractive colors like Meteor Sliver, Blazing Red, Twilight Grey, Arctic White. Tata Super Ace Mint price starts at Rs 5.55 Lakhs onwards for base model. Recently Tata Motors has introduced a new upgraded front facia on Super Ace Mint mini truck. Tata Super Ace Mint Tata Super Ace Mint

Tata Ace Zip Mini Truck

"Tarakki ka safar, char pahiyon par" defines Tata Ace Zip. This Tata Ace Zip mini truck came into existence in 2010 as a compact micro truck and recently, its successor Tata Ace Zip Gold was launched, with tagline "Kamayabi ke raste, gold ke hote hai". It is powered by a single cylinder engine delivering output of 12.5 HP and 35.1 Nm of torque. With a payload capacity of 600 kg, Tata Ace Zip mini truck has also been marketed as a substitute to small 3 wheeler autos. Compact design of micro truck allows it to have a very less turning radius of 3.5 m with better gradeability. It ultimately says "tarakki ke speed badhao, Tata Zip gold ke saath”. Tata Ace Zip price begins at Rs 3.03 lakhs onwards and the price for Ace Zip Gold starts at Rs 3.26 lakhs. Tata Ace Zip Gold Mini Trucks Tata Ace Zip Gold Mini Truck

Mahindra Supro Mini Truck

Powered by Direct Injection diesel engine having output of 26 HP and 55 Nm, Mahindra Supro Mini Truck mileage is class leading at 23.17 kmpl (under test conditions). Fuel Smart feature enables customers to opt between max speed or max. mileage during the ride. A longer 7.5 ft long cargo box enables it to carry bigger loads supported by leaf spring suspension in both front and rear. It is to be noted that earlier Mahindra Supro mini truck was launched with front independent suspension, which did not get a very good market response and therefore the company later on launched Supro HD series featuring front rigid suspension. Mahindra Supro Mini Truck payload capacity stands at 850 kg with top speed of 70 kmph thereby enabling it to deliver goods on time. Signature front grille design of Mahindra adds aggressiveness required for its on-road character. Being supplied in two colours along with car like interiors, styled head lamps makes its exterior elegant. Cushionable seats with floor carpets provides cabin comfort to driver. Mahindra Supro Mini truck price in India begins from 4.35 Lakhs onwards for base variant. Mahindra Supro Mini Truck Mahindra Supro Mini Truck

Mahindra Supro Maxi Truck

For higher payload applications, Mahindra offers Supro Maxi Truck. Powered by DI engine, delivering output of 45 BHP and 98 Nm of torque allows it to overcome inclines with superior accelerations. Mahindra Supro maxi truck mileage of 21.2 kmpl (under test conditions), is significantly higher than the rest of its competitor mini trucks in India. It offers payload capacity of 1000 kg to be carried over 8.2 ft long cargo box when compared to 850 kg offered in its Supro mini truck sibling. 5-speed transmission set up provides easy and comfortable driving for long routes. Signature Mahindra grill and wrap around headlamps remain intact as it was in mini truck variant. Mahindra Supro Maxi truck comes with dual tone seats and car like interiors, power steering, AC option aiding to the comfort of driver and crew for long drives. Mahindra Supro Maxi truck price starts from Rs 4.85 Lakhs onwards. Mahindra Supro Maxi Truck Mahindra Supro Maxi Truck

Mahindra Jeeto Mini Truck

Mahindra already has Mini truck and maxi truck under brand name Supro but wait!!! They have another one in the line up and its called Mahindra Jeeto where name itself defines victory. Mahindra Jeeto represents an enitrely new range of mini trucks, marketed under tagline “Sahi Chuno, Kamao Jyada”. It comes under three series namely S, L and X having new M-Dura engine variants delivering power output of 11 HP and 16 HP. Cargo box size varies from 1.63 m to 1.93 m from S to X series. X series offers payload capacity of 700 kg and 600kg is offered in S and L series. Spacious cabin and stylish looks, headlamps makes it more attractive and has already shown its impact in the market by touching total sales of 1 lakh units. Safety features include semi-forward design along with larger windshield for better front visibility. Mahindra Jeeto mini truck price in India starts from 2.88 Lakhs onwards for the base variant. Mahindra Jeeto Mini Truck Mahindra Jeeto Mini Truck

Maruti Suzuki Super Carry Mini Truck

Maruti Suzuki is known for their dominance in passenger car segment. But what if they are also into small commercial vehicles in India now? Yes, and it is Super Carry mini truck, powered by a twin cylinder , turbocharged diesel engine giving an output of 32 HP and 75 Nm torque. The vehicle has top speed of 80 kmph. Safety features like strong front steel panel, anti-rust chassis frame, load sensing proportioning valve braking system, enhancing safety and stability. Long sliding seat, extra leg room in cabin and heat resistant seat makes drive more comfortable for the driver in this Maruti Suzuki Super Carry mini truck. It has a payload capacity of 740 kg and is being supported with McPherson spring in front and leaf spring in rear. Maruti Suzuki Super Carry Mini Truck Maruti Suzuki Super Carry Mini Truck

Ashok Leyland Dost Lite

Though offering a higher payload equivalent to pickup trucks in India, we have also included Ashok Leyland Dost mini truck here on account of its mini truck like body design. Ashok Leyland Dost has been an award-winning light commercial vehicle from the CV maker and now they have introduced DOST Lite. It gets propelled by 3 cylinders, 1.5 litres, turbocharged common rail diesel engine (TDCR) delivering a staggering output of 58 HP and 158.5 Nm Torque along with vehicle mileage of 19.6 kmpl. Bigger load body can take upto 1250 kgs of the load. Features like intelligent suspension, optional AC for driver cabin, power steering adds onto the comfort of the driver for long drive. Ashok Leyland Dost Lite also comes with safety features like front impact absorption bar, load proportioning valves with booster brakes etc. Ashok Leyland Dost has now become more of an umbrella brand with 3 different payload options. Lite is the lightest in payload capacity, Ashok Leyland Dost Plus offers a whopping 1500 Kg payload and Ashok Leyland Dost Strong offers 1250 Kg along with the rigid front suspension. Ashok Leyland Dost CNG also offers the same 1250 kg payload. Ashok Leyland Dost price in India begins from Rs 4.90 Lakhs for Dost Lite base variant while Ashok Leyland Dost Plus price starts from 6.20 Lakhs onwards (ex-showroom). Ashok Leyland Dost Lite Ashok Leyland Dost Lite

Tata Intra Mini Truck

Initially showcased at last Auto Expo at Greater Noida, Tata Intra mini truck was slated to be launched during the Diwali festival season in 2018. However, this new Tata mini truck is known to be in the final stages of introduction and might be opened to market any time soon. Powered by a powerful common rail engine, Tata Intra mini truck will be offered in 2 payload options of 1000 Kg and 1100 Kg. While Tata Intra 1 mini truck will generate a max power of 40 HP, Tata Intra 1.1 mini truck will sporting a new 1.4L engine. Tata Intra mini truck price is yet to be released by the company and shall only be announced in the final stages of launch. Mini trucks are being upgraded at every level by their respective manufacturers in terms of various features, the payload carrying capacity, application-oriented cargo body designs which includes water tanker, Municipal Solution, Cold chain solutions, cafeteria on wheels etc. With so many variants from each of the manufacturer, it would not be wrong to even classify the best mini trucks in India as Tata mini trucks vs. Mahindra mini trucks vs Ashok Leyland mini trucks majorly. While Tata Ace leads the race of best mini trucks in India, other competitors like Mahindra Supro mini truck and the recent entrant Maruti Suzuki Super Carry are gaining volumes and market share faster than ever.